We don’t have the 90 second run down yet, but if you fancy settling down and watching extended highlights of today’s skelping then this is the video for you.

Live all the moments again from the game with your favourite commentator and mine, Tom, who has yet to inform us as to what the goalkeeper was doing.


Timmy Time from timmy time on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks for posting guys. Tom’s commentary is always the icing on the cake after we’ve given them yet another skelping. 🙂

    Wondering if Vignol may be a secret Tim. He sounded quite excited when he called “second goal” a second before Callum tucked it away.

  2. I noticed that! he clearly shouts ‘second goal’ before the ball is in the net the way a supporter would. They are all Celtic supporters now. Bit disappointed with the commentary here, clearly they ahve had all hoped sucked out of them and have chucked it. they were resigned to keeping the score down before kick-off.


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