IRELAND Under 17s have been dealt the most cruellest of blows after a bizarre refereeing decision seen the Irish dumped out of the competition.

Their game with the Netherlands went to a penalty shootout and Ireland needed to save the penalty to stay in the fight. However, the goalkeeper does what many keepers try and do and steal a yard off his line.

After making the save and celebrating the referee proceeded to give goalkeeper Jimmy Corcoran a second yellow for doing so and demanded a retake.

A defender had to go in goals for the retake and Netherlands converted to the despair of the Irish.

A truly extraordinary decision on a night with so much at stake for the youngsters.


  1. Inconsistency is the biggest challenge to the game we love , eufa and FIFA need to take a good look at themselves , but I will guarantee this ref has never even made any player retake a penalty because of movement from the keeper , which leads to only one outcome cheating ,. The game is rife with it ,. It’s ruining the game

  2. Sorry to say, but the rules state that the goalkeeper cannot move off of his line He can move up and down the line but not forward of it
    Don’t know if it deserved a booking, unless he had already been warned about it Hail Hail

  3. In this particular instance, the referee is wrong as he has delivered a double punishment, which totally unfair. At the most, a re-take is sufficient. An ordering off smacks of bribery or cheating.


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