CELTIC have taken centre stage at Ibrox and not for the first time this season.

Although, the team didn’t even have to show up this time!

Dignity F.C. had a live camera in their face as they welcomed their new manager – only problem was, they couldn’t stop talking about Celtic!

The fans being interviewed harkened back to Celtic before the last ‘Gentleman’ gave his thoughts on Scott Brown.

To be fair, Broony has bossed them for ten years so they’re likely a little bitter about it.


  1. Ah, the ‘obsessed’ are at it again. A day to wallow in the brogue-filled glory and dignity of the delivery of the latest ‘messiah’ and all they can do is comment on Celtic and our wonderful captain. Beyond pathetic.

  2. I used to like that Gerrard thought he was a great player thought he was good at the media stuff to be honest I thought he was won of us but holy shit do I despise this guy now am positive that BRENDAN is gonna have him back down the road by January like that twat Barton who came up acting like jock the cock CMON YOU BHOYS IN GREEN we just need to make sure we make history in a fortnight and shut these English media bams up because they are doing my nut clean in HH

  3. These neanderthal huns have no shame ! They just dont realise what is going on in the real world,n then shout watp !!! Never understood what that means ! And the comedy video of them cheering getting CELTIC in the cup semi just sums up this deluded bunch !!!


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