Has Neil Lennon found the leak in the dressing room or has he changed his tact with regards to when the team sheet comes out?

A leaked team had been doing the rounds which was reported by SunSport, before the game but it had Ryan Christie in place of Leigh Griffiths, making it more likely someone took a punt on a prediction and tried to pass it off as a leak.

With the team coming out hours before previous games, Neil Lennon has perhaps taken control of the situation.

His former boss Martin O’Neill never used to name the team to around an hour and a half before the game while at Celtic. Could the Irishman be instituting something similar?

Have the team and players been warned of serious ramifications?

Whatever has been said in the past three days, the team didn’t get out. We were keen not to post the starting XI doing the rounds either way.

Here was the official starting XI


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