NEIL LENNON came in for a bit of criticism today for something he didn’t actually say.

With the AGM online for the first time due to the current pandemic, there were interviews played for the shareholders during the meeting. One of them was Neil Lennon talking about the team and how he wants to turn things around as quickly as possible.

He has been misquoted online it would appear with the real quote coming out on social media this evening.

The quote doing the rounds was: “Lack of fans has affected us more than virtually any club in Europe.”

Fans were labelling the quote as pathetic by the manager, among other things. However, he has been misquoted for sure and he clearly doesn’t put any special emphasis on no fans inside the ground.

The manager said: ‘We miss the fans as much as any club in Europe’. 

Very different from the first quote which came out. An obvious comment but clearly not using it as an excuse for the team’s performances over the past 8 weeks.


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