CELTIC FANS believe Sky Sports must be trolling Scottish Football by bringing Neil McCann back into the fold – and then make him critique a club he was managing towards relegation.

The failed Dundee manager was in the studio to give his take with Dundee taking on The Rangers in the SPFL.

The man who once famously pulled out the rulebook in order to call out a decision going Celtic’s way was back talking nonsense like he had never left.

McCann’s Dundee side was a shambles in the end and he was relieved of his duties. Since then, McCann has blamed many people for the demise of his managerial career instead of himself.

What’s more is the brass neck he has to sit there and criticise the new Dundee manager’s team selection was something that even amused us.

With Sky Sports taking over 100% of the SPFL coverage in two seasons time, Celtic fans believe it’s going to be a long five years if this is what they can look forward to.



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