Pundit and former goalkeeper Alan Rough has insisted that if appointed, Eddie Howe should be given ‘sole control’ of the clubs transfers with such a big rebuilding job ahead in the summer.

Speaking on PLZ Soccer, Rough believes that has been a problem in the last few years with it being unknown who had the majority say in what players the club sign. If Howe was to be given the job, he should be given full control of the players he is looking to add to his squad.

 “I think the fans need to know who is bringing these players in.

“I think the problem with Lenny [Neil Lennon] was that people were saying to him ‘was he the guy you brought in?’

“This new manager, I think he will be calling the shots, and if he is bringing his mate in they have got to work in tandem.

“We can’t have this that a player isn’t any good and then someone else gets the blame.

“He needs to be in sole control of the players who are coming in because there are so many going to be going out and coming in.”

Over the last couple of years, recruitment has been a bit of a strange one at the club. At times, there seemed to be different people in control.

Whilst it is important that there is a system put in place that involves different sections of the backroom staff, there are certain roles that shouldn’t be taking as much involvement as they have previously.

At the end of the day, it will be Howe’s squad to build if he is the man given the job so he should have the final say on who is signing. With such a huge rebuild on the way, we must get these sort of things right going forward.


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