A lot of time you’ll have a consensus among Celtic fans, of course, not everyone agrees 100% of the time. With most subjects, you can gauge one way or another which way the wind is blowing.

However, a polarising issue always crops up that splits the fans down the middle. This month that issue is the potential exit of Jozo Simunovic.

The Bosnian rose to prominence under Brendan Rodgers when he managed to put together a lengthy run without injury, seeing the defender become an integral part of The Invincibles.

However, fast forward to now and his injury situation isn’t as good as last season and the player has not been seen in action since the team fell to a disappointing 4-0 defeat to Hearts – the first domestic loss of Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic career.

Rumours this month that Crystal Palace are ready to pay big money for the defender has been met with a binary reaction; ‘Bite their hand off’ or ‘We can’t sell one of our best defenders’.

Twitter account Stand up for Celtic ran a poll on the subject and joked about how divisive it turned out to be.

50/50 split pretty much sums up the feeling.

On his day and injury free the 23-year-old is a proper defender and a great asset to the team. However, some fans don’t want to pass up on the opportunity to make serious cash on the defender if a substantial bid comes in.


  1. I think big Jozo has been scape goated here…1 bad game on a shit pitch doesn’t add up to getting hoofed by BR. I know there’s the question of his fitness but he is a solid defender and I would not like him to leave anytime soon.


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