The lack of transparency at Celtic is ridiculous at times.

We had an AGM lately where the club refused to go into detail over appointments, they didn’t even mention the former chief exec Dom McKay and they weren’t clear if they’re active pursuing a new chief exec.

There are so many unanswered questions when it comes to this Celtic board. They don’t believe they are accountable to the support and to be honest – they have great reason to feel that way. They are insulated from any sort of backlash or reprieve by Dermot Desmond who calls the shots from afar.

The pressing issue for Celtic fans right now is the imminent appointment of Bernard Higgins to a ‘health and safety’ role at the club. Again, the club has went quiet and will not talk about the appointment – even when directly asked. It has left Celtic fans having to use their energy to protest the idiotic and harmful decision.

We then have Gordon Strachan who back in August joined Celtic in a consultancy role to look at the B side and women’s set up apparently. We have heard nothing about this and what recommendations have been made – we don’t even know if this was a positive move by the club. At a women’s game CeltsAreHere attended, Gordon Strachan showed up late and left early – it’s hardly inspiring.

On the matter of a chief executive, the club should be clearer what they intend to do. If you were to poll the Celtic board – they would be quite comfortable with the permanent appointment of Michael Nicholson – someone who they have dealt with for years and who is on Peter Lawwell’s wave length.

The structure at the club has long been criticised. Dom McKay was very clear the club needed modernised when he took a look around the place – he lasted 72 days in the role.

Is modernisation still happening or is our board just hoping to shrug off any criticism and hide behind Ange?

It’s time to be transparent, show us what you’re about. Is there a fear if they were more transparent, they would be exposed as out of touch?

Over to you..


  1. Strachan seems to have the same attitude to the ‘women’s game’ that 98% of Celtic supporters have, that it’s money spent on #Woke nonsense that could be better spent elsewhere.

    If women want to ‘play’ football, let them at it. Let the funds they generate through crowds at their matches and money from advertising spent on their televised matches fund this extravagance.

    It wouldn’t last 6 weeks.

    Because no one, outwith the players own kith and kin give a monkey’s toss for this absolute waste of time.


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