Fast Food chain Subway has this afternoon been involved in a bizarre interaction on social media which somehow ended up involving the subject of Eddie Howe becoming the next manager.

As one Hoops fan took a pop at the food franchise, the Subway Twitter account hit-back in a strange fashion, trying to have a shot at the possible appointment of Howe, which has been heavily reported in the last week or so.

With this sort of interaction, as you can imagine it has made its way across Celtic Twitter, leaving many confused and baffled as to how this came about.

Some have even compared the comeback from the Subway admin to the famous clip of Charlie Nicholas and his awkward hit-back at Jeff Sterling a couple of years ago, which left viewers just as confused.

It is very much a strange situation and one you would not be expecting to see on Twitter as many nervously await on the app for Celtic to announce if Howe will be boss or not.



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