ALAN BRAZIL isn’t known for his well thought out opinions. The Talksport host is a Celtic fan and can be at the wind up a lot.

Speaking with failed Gers manager Ally McCoist, Brazil revealed he didn’t watch the game because he can’t put up with it anymore – citing no fans and referees for putting him off watching the derby.

The radio host claims Celtic should change their name to ’10-men Celtic’ when they go to Ibrox because they always seem to get harshly treated at the home of their rivals.

Brazil clearly having a go at the Callum McGregor red card during Sunday’s tie.

Alan Brazil

“I didn’t watch it, I was in my garden. I didn’t want to depress myself even more, I didn’t watch it.” Brazil claimed on talksport (cited by SUNSPORT)

“There’s no one in the ground, the referees, I can’t put up with it any more.

“You want to see the stats in the Old Firm games, it is diabolical. Talk about 10-men?

“That should be their name, ’10 Men Celtic’. A Celtic player brushes a Rangers player and it’s a yellow card.”

Celtic have failed to lay a glove on their rivals this season and got what they deserved in the final non-event derby of the season.

The Hoops have failed big time this campaign and anything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.

Fans just want to get on with the rebuild but that can’t properly begin until a new manager is in place.



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