CELTIC are coming in for some tough criticism after losing a two goal lead against Hibernian.

The Easter Road second half thriller was pulsating! Some fans are still not happy though and while criticism of the team when they don’t win a game is always going to be there the scathing attacks on players is ugly.

One Celtic fan on twitter put everything into a bit more perspective when people harp on about the negatives.

With all this in mind, Celtic are STILL top of the league, they have met their European goal for the group stage and they are still invincible.

They may not be perfect and struggling to hit the heights of last season which is understandable considering the enormity of what was achieved, the team are still doing well.

If we’re off form and still achieving, just wait till we’re back on form!


  1. yes stop throwing your rattles out the pram , remember these bhoys and brendan got us here , so we are not losing games , still in europe so what is wrong with all you SO CALLED SUPPORTERS, WHAT HAPPENED TO IN BRENDAN WE TRUST , THE BHOYS HAVE DONE GREAT FOR US 68 GAMES undefeted, should be counting your blessings , so lets look at the BIG PICTURE and start to appreciate what we have got , a great team , a fantastic manager , and not to mention all the coaches and backroom staff , who dont get mentioned very often , so I FOR ONE ARE GLAD TO BE PART OF THIS GREAT CELTIC FAMILY tha nk you to all at paradise for making our lifes more enjoyable god bless you all and all the real supporters xxx

  2. this is absolute nonsense. Judge the team on performances since the start of the season. Celtic have been poor since the beginning of this season. Hearts at home and Aberdeen away have been the only good performances. celtic have dropped points in 5 out of 16 games. That is not a blip it is a pattern. Europe was a pathetic failure. Defeated in 5 out of 6 games and the only reason Celtic qualified for the EL was because they were drawn against the worst team in Pot three who are having their worst season in a generation. But still managed to out play and out class Celtic at Celtic Park. Anderlecht wre in full crisis when we played them in Brussels and that is why we beat them. What would have happened if we played them 2 weeeks later is anyone guess. The Chelsea manager wrote off their whole season as they have been beaten 4 times in 16 games, drawing 5 times is not much better. Too many excuses from everyone associated with the club. This is not good enough. If we were in a slightly better league with real football teams in it we would not be sitting at the top. Supporters are willing to accept anything as long as ‘the run ‘goes on. Yet they seem unaware that the worst Rangers/Sevco team in History are making up points on us, practically every single week. If they are the worst team in the history of Ibrox what does it say about the invincibles? That they are not that good. Players need to be moved on and fresh blood introduced, immediately. They are tired, jaded, complacent and arrogant. Which other club have you heard described in this way? Supporters will only wake up when they are level on points.

    • John,i agree with Patricia too many fans complaining when we don’t win every week,but the draws keep this magnificent unbeaten run going.The only point you make which is valid is that the team appear tired,jaded? perhaps.I don’t see any signs of complacency,as for arrogance this makes me think you may be a fan from across the city,if not you are one of the so called fans bred on only the success of recent times,not unlike the “cucumber sandwich brigade ” Roy Keane bemoaned at M.Utd.
      BARCABHOY’S tweet puts it all into perspective regarding the amount of competitive games and travelling the team have done this season,so far.Yet we still have a 5 point lead with a game in hand over our closest challengers.The first piece of silverware is already in the trophy cabinet,hopefully on the way to another invincible treble.Europe was disappointing yes,but who would have been confident of gaining any points,even at home against Bayern or P.S.G.But your call of Europe being a pathetic failure is bull*hit,we achieved our more realistic goal of third place,which ultimately earned us a last 32 tie against St Petersburg today.
      Just like to add too many fans similar to yourself seem to think success on the pitch is just given to the team by the opposition.Every team wants to be the team to end the invincible’s run and the fans at home games need to inspire the team more in my opinion.
      Being disabled and having to travel from Aberdeen to Celtic Park i only get to about 8/10 games a season now.During the last 5/6 seasons or so,and not having a season ticket i sit in various parts of either Lisbon Lions or Jock Stein stands and i have been disappointed in the Celtic fans support at times.If it wasn’t for the Green Brigade boys the atmosphere in the ground would be non existent at times.In days gone by the support tried to inspire the team,sadly now the G.B aside,they wait for the team to inspire them.I hear little groups of fans of maybe 5/6 fans trying to strike up a chant while sitting in the various parts i sit in but the rest of fans around them just sit on their hands and the chant dies out.
      Maybe time board organised another standing section or even two at J.S stand corners to accommodate fans,who i’m sure there are many,who want to sing,akin to the magnificent vocal and colourful support the GB give.
      Anyway rant over and as Patricia blogs above lets all be proud to be part of the Celtic family.

  3. Give the manager and all the lads the credit they deserve ok I myself was disappointed to finish with a draw in the context of the game but this invincible tab could be our undoing leading 2 0 away from home with 15mins to go should be the time to totally shut up shop and not push forward so much .Brendan could have done this perhaps but he is someone I have total trust in and so should everyone associated with the club.


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