FIFA 22 is out and like every year, we let our readers know if it’s worth getting.

Full disclosure – I did NOT like FIFA 21 and abandoned the previous iteration of the game because it was terrible to play.

I found a companion in eFootball last year [formerly known as PES] the gameplay was more rewarding and it certainly helped that they had a fantastic version of Celtic Park in the game.

Fast forward to now and eFootball has completely obliterated their game engine. Konami has absolutely destroyed the game which is being called the worst football title of all time.

I digress because this is a FIFA 22 review:

At first glimpse, I wasn’t really digging it but because eFootball is so bad – I had no choice but to keep playing the game until I found some sort of rhythm and got used to what EA deem as a realistic simulation of football.

The gameplay is still very arcade-like in my opinion but better than last year. Defending is an absolute nightmare at times and there seems to be games where the goalkeepers are on a ridiculous hot streak.

It’s playable though.

Celtic are there as usual and our stats are poor as usual. We have three players at 75; Christopher Jullien, Callum McGregor and James Forrest. [Fifa Stats]

Given it’s the only game on the market with redeeming qualities FIFA 22 wins by default. The ultimate team set up is their baby and they continue to get fans to spend a lot of money building teams.

Given the power of the NextGen consoles, I expected more from FIFA 22 – the graphics are great but there was an opportunity to really up their game. EA seem content to throw out an update with tweaks into the mix, restart the ultimate team and get people spending.

There’s a chance I will give up on the game at some point and retreat to Football Manager – as someone who doesn’t spend money on ultimate team – it can get frustrating really fast.

Career mode might be more up my street

If you played the game last year and persevered through it, you’ll likely be happy enough with the latest game.


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