FIFA is set to implement new rules regarding loan players, starting this summer. The rules are to stop the clubs with bigger budgets from stockpiling players. [Daily Record]

For next season, Celtic will be restricted to signing eight loan players and sending a further eight out on loan. However, this number will fall to six players in the 2024/25 season.

There are some exemptions to these new rules. Loans within the country will not be affected, and homegrown players under the age of 21 will also not be affected.

Having the Colts team playing in the Lowland League will benefit Celtic, they will be able to put eligible players with the youth side and they’ll still compete in a competitive league.

However, it’s more likely to affect incoming rather than outgoings, but even at that, it’s unlikely Celtic will bring more than six players to the club on loan.

This season, Celtic brought two players in on loan, Cameron Carter-Vickers and Jota. It could affect overseas clubs who Celtic wish to do business with.

On a positive note, Celtic and other clubs with smaller budgets might get more chances to pick up young talent if larger clubs can’t sign to loan out on any great scale. Chelsea were one of the worst culprits for it.


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