Aberdeen will be a man short when they travel to Glasgow on Sunday after it was confirmed this evening Funso Ojo’s ridiculous sending off will stand.

The player was given a second yellow by hapless whistler Bobby Madden for being shoved by a spectator. Ojo did nothing but tell the fan off for laying hands on him – so we don’t understand why he was given any sort of booking.

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Aberdeen expected the suspension to be overturned but we’re shocked to find it couldn’t.

Due to FIFA rules, a yellow card can only be rescinded for mistaken identity or simulation. Leaving the SFA with no way of rescinding one of the yellows Ojo received. [RecordSport]

It means he will miss the trip to Celtic Park on Sunday. It’s good news for Celtic but an absolute farce. When FIFA made these rules – they clearly didn’t know incompetent referees like Bobby Madden would be booking players for being shoved.

It’s ultimately good news for Celtic but yet another reason why our referee system needs overhauls.


  1. A totally ridiculous situation. The Aberdeen player did no more than rebuke the thug. He controlled himself well and did not deserve this. No wonder Aberdeen FC are annoyed and no wonder people laugh at Scottish Football. We have incompetent referees, and a totally corrupt SFA.
    Dundee Utd should be ashamed as well as they have not acted properly here. What are stewards for? Where were the police? It’s funny how the police always turn up after an incident saying, “Ok, what happened here”. The culprit (and his mates) should have been apprehended in the ground. The video clearly shows who they were.

    • Totally agree with everything u said there. Stewarding & policing at all games in Scotland seems non-existent including at CP and didnt see anyone going in to make arrests at Hampden after more flares lit up by Green Brigade again on Saturday

  2. It does typify the incompetence of the referees in Scotland. In successive games against St.Johnstone, Celtic had a player booked for being knocked to the ground and kicked. Having the audacity to complain to our corrupt men with the whistle, earned Carlton-Vickers and Kyogo a yellow card each. Bear in mind, the first of these incidents also saw the complete ignoring of a double blatant red card for Kane and Bryson of St. Johnstone.
    It was laughable today that because the same ref actually made one correct decision in the lead up to our goal on Saturday, a self proclaimed “high profile” referee from England hailed Walsh as an “elite” ref. One correct decision! Doesn’t it highlight just how many bad ones they make when a knighthood looms for one correct call?
    It’s called “doing your job” not ELITE!

  3. Don’s should take this outside of SFA. The presedent was set when Sevco’s, (was it Tav?), was “involved” with an opposing fan. No action taken v Sevconian. Blatant bias. But, big but, will the Don’s stand up and be counted, or just slink back to accepting their lot and blame Sevco and Celtic bias as proof of the “Glasgow”duopoly. We need to get this sorted, however we need our board to back the others in the league, aye watch this space.

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