It should probably be no surprise the number of injuries that Celtic players have encountered this season when you look at the number of games they are playing: not just this season, but the last three seasons.

Celtic players almost play 2/3 games a week with very little respite. In February the team played eight games in 25 days. People say they are paid good money to play football, but in order to compete, players need the proper recovery time. The huge fixture pile up and huge injury list are not a coincidence.

Only 200 available!!

“Beware the ides of March”  – does not apply to Celtic’s fixture list for the month. For the first time in a long time, players can enjoy one game a week. In the last few games, Celtic have had Nir Bitton and Euan Henderson in the middle of the park. Both players performed tremendously well when you consider they have had zero first team football all season. It shows how stretched the Celtic squad is at this moment in time.

After yesterday’s win at Easter Road another date beckons for the next round of the Scottish Cup. The split fixtures are still to be announced too, but March should be a good month for players and a new manager to regroup and finish the season with a bang. Will the fans be able to handle a game a week though?


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