SCOTLAND BOSS Alex McLeish has bemoaned the use of artificial pitches in Scottish football after all the Celtic players reported for international duty with tightness in their legs and hamstrings.

McLeish has suffered heavy withdrawals from his Scotland squad since he announced the team a couple of weeks back and Tierney was the latest call off with the defender taking no chances.

Last weekend, Celtic had to play on a less than ideal artificial surface – one of the worst surfaces we’ve seen in Scottish football and the Scotland boss believes that is the root of the problem

“Kieran had a tightness in his leg, his hamstring.” told Sunsport.

“I don’t want to criticise astroturf pitches per se, but the Celtic guys came with a bit of tightness.

“Kieran was nursing it over the week. We all thought it was due to the fact Celtic played on astroturf last week. Kieran’s seemed to linger and that’s why we had to make the decision when he flagged it up this morning.”

There has been much discussion about the use of artificial surfaces in a top flight league and it does come off as a bit of a joke the SPFL aren’t enforcing all clubs have grass as a matter of standard.

Tierney will report back to Celtic who will manage his niggling injury and hopefully, that will make sure he’s fit and ready to go come next Saturday at Hamilton – where Celtic will play on yet another artificial surface.


  1. Are you trying to give the sfa and spfl another thing to complain about with us! Our park is a hybrid,grass and artificial turf field. It is the best playing surface in Scotland by miles and we are untouchable on it. Shut up and stop giving the bigots at the sfa and spfl ideas.


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