Celtic have unveiled ambitious plans that will see them further renovate the are around Celtic Park. One massive takeaway from their proposals to GCC is a hotel they plan on building outside the ground. This has got our minds working overtime, a hotel at Celtic Park! This can’t just be called Celtic Park Hotel surely, we have an imaginative support, and I’m sure a plethora of ideas will be put forward but here are some from CeltsAreHere.com – Oh and if anyone from he club is reading, if you decide to take one of these we will wave any fee due to us!


Can you envision the advertising campaign round a hotel named the Henrik Larss-inn?! IT IS SENSATIONAL!

Naming the hotel after our finest foreign player would make us giddy. We imagine that we would have Henrik Larsson in residence and every night at 9 pm he would regale hotel guests with stories of hunskelpery.


Right across from Paradise, why not have Paradise City – East End Chapter. After spending a day walking about the East End, shopping in Home bargains and drinking the local tonic, why not put your feet up and relax at Paradise City. A room facing Paradise to set the mood with you and your partner!


Of course, they should call it Cesars Palace! Barring a massive lawsuit from some mickey mouse outfit in Vegas, Celtic really need to run with our third idea. A hotel named after our most famous captain with the logo encapsulating our finest hour. We’re laughing with all these names but, seriously Celtic; you better call it Ceasars Palace! Suppose we can get around trademark infringement by using the proper spelling for the big man’s nickname – Cesar’s palace.


Ok, we didn’t come up with this one. It’s the internet you have to thank for this logo. BAD INTERNET! We aren’t bookmakers, but we’re willing to take bets off anyone who thinks the new Celtic hotel will be called this. Let’s move on.


A nod to a certain fan base out there who are spitting at Celtic’s plans. Pedro’s place, for leisure or business, as long as the business is state aid related. We believe if the new Celtic hotel were called Pedro’s place it would have a Peter Lawwell money fountain, spraying out 10-pound notes while laughing profusely on repeat. Not a bad way to go….

I trust the Celtic marketing department will be in touch to flesh out these fantastic ideas.

Do you have a good name for the new hotel? Share it! We promise we won’t pass it off as our own.


  1. Either the Walfrid Astoria; Timhotel, after the Chain of hotels in Europe (but there could be a lawsuit) or Cesar’s Palace, the right way to spell King Billy’s nickname (to avoid a lawsuit)!

  2. Some more: The Premier (Champy) Inn Hotel; The 10 Seasons (in a row) Hotel; The fRitz (a grand old team) Hotel; or the fRitz Calton Hotel!

  3. What about GRACElands,yes i know the names been taken by a certain residence of the King Elvis Pressleyin Memphis USA,but our place housed the real king of kings Henrik larsson.

  4. It’s got to be the walfrid burns hotel folks….it encapsulates both the charitable and the dedicative sides to Celtic which the club has been built from day one!!Hail!Hail!!!

  5. There is some fantastic names of great celtic people, but my choice is of a man who had the vision to create the famous glasgow celtic from the humble beginnings in St Mary’s hall in the calton, to what is now known throughout the world, as paradise, my choice is the brother walfrid hotel.

  6. vatic inn is a belter
    walfrid hotel suggests high end money customers we started as a soup kitchen/charity and i am proud of that tradition

  7. What ever it’s called it is magic and celtic are heading in the right direction for every celtic supporter things are getting better on and off the field Desmond and Rodgers have taking the family to bigger and more exciting times hail hail celtic love the idea

  8. Would love to see it happen it would be amazing for the club and fans also would be another massive income although it wouldn’t be cheap to build . I would like something in the name of it to remember Jinky, big Jock , Tommy Burns etc something like YNWA LEGENDS HOTEL
    but the LARSINN HOTEL Is a belter HH

  9. Oh what a great time it is the now there we go in the space of 7-8 months all of a sudden we have a squad of players who must be worth at least £100m , going for the treble , unbeaten domestically, Chelsea , Real Madrid etc trying to buy our players , building bloody hotels and the other mob canny even buy a monopoly board , this dream must never end oh aye and we’ve got Brendan the Bhoy Rodgers as our boss , I JUST CANT GET ENOUGH HH

  10. Hotel Walfrid..Paradise 67..10 (beds) in a row..The Hoopy Hotel..Hoopy’s..Champions..Champions rest..The Walfrid Hotel..Hotel 67..Green ‘n’ White Retreat..Stein’s..Paradise Palace..The Celtic Park Hotel..(and last but by no means least) The Celtic Way Inn (my fave).
    You pays your money…HH

  11. If it’s named after an individual then Brother Wilfred. As great as some have been that wore the hoops, and there have been many, to single out one would be difficult.

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