EDDIE HOWE is the red hot favourite to become the next permanent manager of Celtic Football Club.

Some who have followed his career at a distance will know the great things he’s done to date but there are others who are not so caught up on the Englishman.

CFBFootball spoke to Carl Fletcher about Eddie howe on Thursday when the news broke about his talks with the club.

Fletcher spent five years under Eddie as a coach and knows him well from their apprentice days together.

Carl believes Eddie has an edge to him and it’s something that makes him a top manager. The coach also pointed out the excellence Eddy demands in training and what he wants from the club top to bottom

Fundamentally, it’s not just about the starting XI on any given Saturday but how the club operates from the first team to the youth system.

We have not had a stable structure or pathway for talented kids to come into the team. Eddie seems like the man who could make that happen.

Speaking to CFB, Fletcher said: “He definitely has an edge to him like all good managers do and working for him is very good. He’s driven and does all that he can to succeed. I worked under him at Bournemouth on his staff for five years.

“He drives everyone at the club from the top down and seeks improvement in everyone around him. He is also very demanding of himself and is always striving to better himself as a coach.

“He never likes his teams to sit still. He is always looking at improving training sessions from a coaching perspective and he wants the very best for his players and his staff alike.

“Without doubt, he has a steely side to him. Everyone knows where they stand with Eddie because he has a clear plan and a way of working that he communicates from day one. You either buy into it or you don’t.

“Eddie has always worked closely with all staff at Bournemouth from the academy staff to the medical staff. He likes to know what is going on at the club on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and drive improvements from the front as the manager too.”


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