German publication Bild have been giving their take on Celtic’s 4-0 thumping at Celtic Park by branding Bayer Leverkusen ‘Brutally effective’ on their approach.

The media outlet called Celtic fans ‘fanatical’ and ‘very loud’ but hailed the man of the moment Florian Wirtz who grabbed Bayer’s second of the evning.

Wirtz spoke after the game abut Celtic Park: “It was an incredible atmosphere. It was just fun to play here. It’s going very well at the moment, but the most important thing is that the team win. If I can score goals then I’ll be very happy.”

Celtic fans are known the world over for the atmosphere they can create, but it says something that a player can come here and ‘enjoy’ the atmosphere rather than feel intimidated by it. This was once a hostile cauldron of noise where some of the top players found it too hot to handle back in the day. It can be that way again but the team need to do their bit!

The crowd did give Celtic a major lift to begin with and the Hoops had two great chances to take the lead before David Turnbull got caught in two minds and didn’t clear his lines.

Succumbing to a 4-0 defeat at home is hard to take. The opposition were superior but Celtic fans expect better.

Right now, Ange is three months into a monumental rebuild and the pieces are still being put together – it’s also fair to day some of the pieces are missing at the moment.

We must look to kick on domestically, build confidence, build that winning mentality and then make a right go of European competition.


  1. The same old same old 25 mins like world champions who can’t put the ball away then the time bomb goes off and mistakes and panic sets in I’m afraid when this happens we are like hares caught in a lamp .

  2. Ange is the coach to take us forward,Hopefully in January Transfer window can add a few players that he wants,also I think it’s time Scales and Shaw got a run in the first team squad,and Bolingoli in at left back.

  3. I am beginning to think that the problem isn’t just the manager. His concept of the football he wants to play is admirable, however, I don’t think we have sufficient players of the high standard necessary to play his type of game. He will not be the first manager to eventually realise that attacking football is all very pleasing to the eye, but loosing goals at this rate will mean that we will have to score 4 or 5 to get a draw. Remember, if you do not concede a goal, you cannot lose the game. Ange will have to remember that this isn’t Japan, managers have already worked out how to stop us winning games. Something will have to change and quickly.

  4. last night was expected we are in the middle of a rebuild. there are signs we will turn the corner . defence and midfield is were we need to improve. In Kyogo Abada and jota we have some real stars and when the Greek guy gets going we will score goals. Julian is needed back urgently Another transfer window should sort the problem. I do think Bitton is the best holding midfield.player we have at present. i think we will turn Aberdeen over come sunday. 4-0 was an unfair result last night.

  5. It’s really about time this myth of the crowd at Celtic park is like an extra man or is so intimidating etc etc, the truth is, this boy plays in the Bundesligue, at places like Bayern, Shalke and Dortmund all of whom are just as fanatical and noisy if not more than us, time we stopped solely relying on a noisy crowd and a light show and started proving how hard a place it is to come to by the team on the park and not the brilliant fans, those fans do their bit, the team needs to do theirs.

  6. Maybe if the fans actually sung Celtic songs or chanted our players names, it would inspire our players.

    Its hard to see how the likes of Kyogo, Joe Hart, Starfelt, Juranovic etc etc are inspired by “Boys of the Old Brigade” or “Roll of Honour” ,”Ooh Aah up the ra” and the other non-stop nonsense sung these days.

    Are we going to watch Celtic or are we attending a republican rally?

    • Had to be said Ange Baby.
      These songs are not inspiring to the team at all and you are correct Jim Duffy; they are cringeworthy. This is not the place for them.

  7. You are spot on about the team,they must do their bit as the intimidation factor will only come into the equation if the team are putting pressure on the oposition.There was no shame in the loss to Leverkusen as they looked a classy side going forward,their midfield bossing the midfield for most of the game but we showed they can be got at with their defence being not as strong as the rest of thier game,remind you of anyone?
    But the fact than the crowd being a twelth man only materialise if the other 11 are on board.The thing is the crowd are the ones who create the magical atmosphere that the worlds top stars wax lyrical about and given time Ange will give them a side that they deserve, HAIL HAIL


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