So Celtic beat their team 5-1 at the weekend and what did the thuggish and moronic element of their support do? Sing sectarian songs and proceed to commit criminal damage at Celtic Park.While kicking in the roof they can be heard singing “up to our knees in Fenian blood” as they go about their thuggish and childish behaviour.

We’re positive the decent Rangers fans out there will condemn this sort of behaviour from the element that always drags them into the gutter.

It is worth noting that Rangers “1872” group has started a petition to get Celtic fans banned from Ibrox for hanging effigy at the game which we ourselves condemn.Fair play, having the brass neck to do it off the back of the pictures we seen on Saturday and now the footage. Perhaps, they should get the Celtic squad banned from Ibrox and they might just be able to sneak a win.

We reiterate – this is behaviour unbecoming of any football clubs fans and if anyone thinks that it is well then you’re just as bad as the people who carried it out.

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