Celtic fans over in Stockholm have been attacked by the police in the stands during the game.

We’re not sure how this all came about and we’re certain more information will come forward in the coming hours but the video below shows the Swedish police laying into the Celtic support.

Celtic fans brought flares into the ground which could have provoked the police into action but there’s no excuse for the kind of violence we’re seeing in this video.

The fans have come over in their numbers and have been well behaved on the streets of Stockholm in the build up to the game.

To see scenes like this is shocking. We can’t imagine what could’ve caused this level of attack by the Swedish authorities.

If you are at the game and have footage of what has went on then get in touch with John Paul Taylor – the Celtic supporter liaison officer.

From the below video we can see the over reaction by the Swedish police.


  1. Fans and Club are always in the firing line for a fine when they step out of line but what happens when the police or security step out of line ? Answers on the back of a rat !

  2. When will the idiot fans learn NOT to take flares into football matches, yes its OK just get the club fined AGAIN, not acceptable.


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