If you have been going about your daily rituals and have passed the newspaper stand on the way to work you will find a rather damning piece on CELTIC and TAX AVOIDANCE. Notice the caps because these are the two words the Daily Record want you and their readers to see married together this morning.

They want to paint a picture of how Celtic as a club (or company) depending on who you’re talking to were involved in some sort of tax evasion without actually uttering the words. We even get a Celtic starting XI of players and staff who have used the avoidance scheme further bringing the club itself into the mire when they could not be further from any wrong doing or evasive behaviour.

FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT, this is a piece about PERSONAL investments allegedly undertaken by the men the Record mention. Nowhere at any point was the club involved or used this as a way to further the squad’s cause, nor was it used to enhance the playing staff or have any bearing on anything to do with on-field matters. The “Record investigation” into all these Celtic players/staff seems to buck the trend into their usual antics when it comes to investigations, which some might say ‘are off the radar’. For the record, we would also like to say any single person deemed to be using an unlawful tax avoidance facility SHOULD be at the mercy of HMRC.

However, what’s even more surreal about today’s piece is that this was already brought up back in 2012, they’ve rehashed an old story. Having followed the SMSM circus for many years one of two things is happening – They are desperate to bring in any sort of readership to the point they have to sensationalise and distort the truth beyond all recognition or the latter and more likely, there’s a storm brewing somewhere else in Glasgow and this article is the start of the defensive. The peepel who don’t read past a salivating headline have their ammunition even if they’re ultimately carrying blanks. We sit and wait with our popcorn or jelly and ice cream if you’d prefer.




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  1. As I’ve said in numerous social media sites Celtic must ban this paper from celtic with immediate effect and there must be an employee with in the club feeding them this bile and it’s just a thought but when the directors are having there weekly /monthly meetings behind closed doors then mayb one of them is giving it out after all money does funny things to people the info has got to coming from somewhere within that fraternity

  2. This Rag will do anything to lead the Hun mob away from the real truth of what’s about to happen to they’re new club..1..They haven’t paid the Tax Man since Feb/Mar..2 They’re trying they’re damdist to get rid of Joey The Tim..3..The Warbmeister is ready for doing walking away..4 There’s a Celtic v Sevco game coming up..I wouldn’t buy Jackson rag if you paid me

  3. Laughable that because the “club” wasn’t directly involved… even though players were.. somehow that’s apparently OK… or NO AS BAD.

    Even though I don’t recall any individual rangers players being involved. Ran through the club at the discretion of the higher up dick heads such as white..

    Either way tax avoidance is illegal so both just as bad as each other.. jelly and ice cream will never take away the sting that people at Celtic aren’t the graceful clean tax paying citizens everyone preaches when digging at rangers..


      Anyone seen to be using an unlawful tax avoidance scheme should feel the wrath of HMRC. This article is merely a response to ignorant reaction from many quarters involving the club and insinuating it was done so Celtic could gain a sporting advantage which obviously isn’t true. It turns out there are many Rangers players on similar avoidance schemes and as we’ve said any individual who is found guilty of illegal tax avoidance should be dealt with. As for the club Celtic and it’s practices, no side letters, no ebts to gain a sporting advantage. There in lies the difference and the articles point.

  4. My hubby who is a The Rangers fan telephoned from England to explained he had rec a call from a fellow The Rangers supporter about this story he told me it was plastered everywhere and that Celtic were in a lot of trouble, my reply, why? I hadn’t read the story but knew by his reaction he was hoping we were cheaters like his team, told him to get a life and stop acting like a common Hun fool.

  5. Don’t just stop buying it, refuse them access to Celtic park and don’t even read it if you find it lying on the pavement, utter scum!


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