We have read a lot of unfounded comments over the past few weeks about Neil Lennon and his approach or lack of approach and attitude towards fitness. Where the source of information comes from is anybody’s guess.

Fitness, conditioning and nutrition is an ever-evolving science, more and more people have an opinion on it and more and more research is carried out on the subject every year as it is a huge industry. One thing is for sure, fitness in football has progressed massively over the last decade across the board. If people are comparing how fit Scott Brown was under Neil Lennon then and now its not really fair on either party.

Scott Brown has already said the squad are fitter and have made more progress in this pre-season then they did at the start of last season. Mikey Jonhston has been speaking with Record Sport to highlight that it took a dressing down from Neil Lennon for him to buck up his ideas when it came to his fitness and looking after himself.

“I used to manage games at youth level and I want to able to do that now, play 90 minutes at a first-team level every week. So I’ve been working really hard in training and over the summer. I’ve been working with Hugh and I’ve come back again flying, feeling like I was really fit.”

“You do have to take into account the games I’m playing in now. The week before the Scottish Cup Final, I played 90 minutes against Hearts. It was the same team we were playing in the Final, the same game, but I’ve cramped up.”

Johnston also revealed that he has leaned on ex-Celt Shaun Maloney for advice and the youngster still keeps in touch appreciates an experienced pro’s opinion.

“At a club like Celtic, that’s what 
everyone has to do. You don’t get a lot of time off and you’re into big European games right away.

“Shaun actually recommended Hugh to me – he used him a lot when he was at the club. I still text Shaun now and then because he always has good advice for me. I always like to listen to people who have a lot of experience.”

Celtic have not been linked with too many wingers in this transfer window, Johnston could be set to play a major amount of games this season, he has proved already to be a ball of energy that can unlock most defences and he knows where the goals are.


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