JORGE CADETE may have only been at Celtic for a short time but his affection for the club has stood the test of the time and he continues to be grateful towards the supporters who still talk about him to this day.

For the younger fans out there, they will have heard stories about the curly haired man that scored some incredible goals and made a big impact at Celtic Park.

I recall scoring goals on the playground and doing ‘The Cadete’ – looping your finger around after scoring a goal was common place the season he was with us.

The man who famously had a call chopped off at Ibrox in controversial circumstances scored 38 goals in 49 games for Tommy Burns side and 90s football put them on display on their facebook page with Jorge then shared with the following tagline.

I have no words of thanks for your affection during this 22 years
I never imagined that it could have been so important in your lives.
You are forever in my memories.
Thank you for being part of your / our history. Hail Hail

Hail Hail Jorge!


  1. Yet couldn’t get out of the place fast enough believing he was much bigger than the club. Are we so desperate to be liked we need to hark back to guys who only briefly played for us? He left an impression but how successful were we during his time with Celtic? Ditto Di Canio and Big Pierre.

    • Taking you points in order:
      1- You’re is spot on!
      2- Nothing to do with wanting to be liked. Cadette’s talents are worth remembering however short a time we saw them for. The Farry registration delay and the debut goal (noise level breaking a radio station) also add to a story worth telling.
      3- You can’t blame the forwards for any lack of success. They more than did their part part. It’s also worth remembering that the refs back then make today’s ‘honest mistakers’ look fair and balanced.


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