There seems to be no love lost between Davie Provan and Peter Lawwell with the Sky Sports man tearing into the Celtic chief executive for his exorbitant wage packet which was brought up at the AGM.

The former Celtic player believes Lawwell should be embarrassed by the size of his remuneration after Ian Bankier claimed the questions about The CEO’s wages embarrass him.

The question was put to Lawwell as to why we were paying so much to keep him on the books.

This is what Provan has to say on the issue in his SunSport Column:

‘”Across town it was Lawwell’s turn to front up the next day when a supporter had the cheek to ask why Celts were paying the chief executive an eye-watering £3.5m.

“Given that’s three times what the Governor of the Bank of England makes, the question was right on the money.

“It drew a bizarre response involving the price of Mars bars from chairman Ian Bankier who said: “I’m not going to go on about it because even Peter gets embarrassed about it at times.”

“I’ll bet he does”

On Celtic’s Euro status, Provan said:

“Directors have settled on being a Europa League club. For a board that milks Celtic’s European heritage, that’s unacceptable.”

Celtic are enjoying a great season in the Europa game so Provan might lose a few people on that count.

However, the amount of money Lawwell gets paid is fair game and a fair question. As someone who attended the AGM, the question wasn’t put over in the best way but the answer was less than satisfactory – it was a pat in the head and a sit down sort of answer with Lawwell opting not to defend himself. Probably because he can’t.


  1. Res 12 Says it All.The Supports been led a Merry Dance right up the Garden Path.Its all about Fleecing the Fan Base and keeping the money Rolling in.All this Same Club BS and Our Boards Doing SFA says it All.Banning the GB from the Rennes game,Just before the AGM.They timed that one,Parasites.

  2. Look at the end of the day any club in Britain would take him to run their clubs without a shadow of a doubt its just the price you pay to have quality at your club they all shout about this that and the other but I can remeber not too g agao pro ably from the same lot that lenny wasent up to it this and that and how wrong they’ve been provan to be they want the club to just spend spend spend but they should be carefull for what they wish for they only have to look across the city to see what happens when clubs just spend spend spend don’t understand their mentality hail hail

  3. Why should anyone bother about what Davy Proven says?? It is non of his business as to what Peter Lawwell gets, as it is none of Lawwells business as too what proven is paid from his free mason/ orange order bosses, as to whom he pleases with what he is told to write. Proven, you are just a midden making a living out of thinking you are in the know at Paradise. The next time I bump into you at Paradise, I hope you answer me a few questions!!. Jobsworth, jobsworth, feed your free mason bosses and tak Thier tainted money.! Why do you not go over ibrokes way and ask them some questions about money?? Oh I forgot, you are not allowed to ask money questions over ibrokes way !.. What an arse you are!! Hail Hail..?

  4. Is this a Celtic supporter asking this question………….After the success in recent seasons …Just what is it your looking for, Our team is looking good with lots of talent on the side lines. Some people looking for problems where there aren’t any, you have to ask are you a Celtic supporter or, just trying to make up a story.
    The biggest problem Celtic have is the Green Brigade costing every supporter money year on year and losing our good reputation throughout Europe……….

  5. Hey Provan, it\s none of your business what anyone at Celtic gets paid. Your a wee trouble making wee sh1te. You’d fall out with your maw if you knew who she was. Time for you to talk about other teams and leave the mighty Celtic to people who know about it. You and your affro can get knotted!


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