CHRIS SUTTON didn’t pull any punches as he described Celtic’s current form on BT Sports Tuesday evening before Aberdeen and Hibs did battle.

The Englishman was scathing in his criticism of the so called ‘Big game players’ at Celtic and described Rodgers brand of football as boring.

The former Celtic striker will always give you his honest opinion, so nobody should take this as anything other than that as the club try to navigate choppy waters.

“Things aren’t good, it has to be said.

“Celtic have been desperately poor this season. They are boring to watch.

“Very, very ordinary and they need to liven themselves up.

“Too many of their so-called big players have under-performed, simple as that.”

However, Sutton believes Brendan Rodgers comments on Kris Boyd focusing on his own situation at Kilmarnock was ‘harsh’. The BT pundit was asked his take on the Rodgers pre-match comments and didn’t think they were necessary.

The Celtic manager simply said that Kris should stick to trying to get back in the Kilmarnock team rather than speculate on his club’s fortunes.

Rodgers could have been more scathing in his criticism but said just enough to a question he was asked in his press conference.

Absolutely nothing harsh about it Chris.


  1. That’s right chris just ignore the lies. Somebody that has never managed a club in his life should not be telling somebody what to do who hasn’t.

  2. Usually agree with he big man is off the mark this time. CB comments are not and will never be impartial – fair and accurate. Rodgers needs to bring back a siege mentality at Celtic Park , too many players are walking about the park with a sense of entitlement. Let’s leave that to the bigots down the road.

  3. One day, hopefully soon Chris will say something good about the Celtic
    It’s boring
    Repeating himself over and over and over and over again
    We all know it wasn’t right but saying it a million times won’t get it fixed any quicker
    Only hurts the ears


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