We reported earlier today about Anthony Stokes ripping up his deal with Tractor Sazi and has left Iran under somewhat mysterious circumstances.

Tonight, Tractor’s Managing Director Alireza Asadi has shed some light as to why Stokes has departed the club.

However, it’s still not very clear as to why Stokes will not be returning to the club at this point nor is it cleat if Sazi has included the Irishman in a complaint made to FIFA about breach of contract, there may be something to that but it seems former Killie man Lee Erwin is the source of most of the club’s anger.

“They are separate issues. Stokes has a family problem and Irwin was depressed. Asadi Told Sun Sport.

“But that’s no excuse for telling lies and the matter is with the legal department of FIFA.

tokes has a major problem with his family and it’s a personal matter for him.

“We even offered to allow his mother, father and sister to come and live in Tabriz, but he said he could not focus on playing for us. We tried to help him as a friend.

“But his mind was not ready for training and playing for us.

“Erwin said he was depressed and could not play, but interestingly was able to come to our training camp in Turkey two days after we wrote a letter to him.

“It’s an excuse from him of course, but Stokes does have a family problem. We want to make clear we have acted professionally at all times.

“For us, both players have nothing to do with us now.”

After the initial shock of the move of the striker’s move to Iran, Stokes seemed to settle down and was banging in goals for fun. The frontman was playing so well he decided to accept a four-year deal with the club.

It’s all went wrong very quickly and people will be able to appreciate being so far away from family at times of distress can be highly stressful for any individual.

We wish Stokes all the best with his family problems/


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