Former Celtic striker Simon Donnelly has urged his ex side to sign reported January target, Martin Boyle, claiming that the 28-year old would challenge for a place in the attacking frontline.

In recent days, Ange Postecoglou’s side has been linked with a move for the Australian internationalist, with a fee of around £3 million suggested to be the budging point for Edinburgh side, Hibs.

Speaking on Go Radio, although some Celtic fans might not be convinced about this move as of yet, Donnelly believes that Boyle is undoubtedly good enough to challenge for a spot in the attacking front three, providing Ange with more options for selection.

“I’ve mentioned Martin Boyle as far back as last season,” Donnelly said.

“He’s one of the best performers in the Scottish Premiership, and I’ve had a lot of flak for it saying: ‘Where’s he going to fit in?’.

“A lot of Celtic fans are thinking: ‘Is he better than what’s there?’.

“I think, at 28, he’s at the top of his form and is ready to have a move like that.

“I don’t think Hibs fans would thank me for saying that because I think he’s their top performer.

“You can’t have enough good players, and the criticism of Celtic of late has been their lack of depth, so bringing these Japanese players in and somebody like Martin Boyle would certainly add to that.

“I think he’d be fighting for one of those positions in the front three.

“It’d be a headache for Ange, but a good headache – that’s what you want for your squad. People fighting for the same position.

“Maybe I’m looking at it through Celtic glasses and being greedy in trying to get another quality player in, but I think they’ve done decent business so far.”

I think there are points which Donnelly makes, which can be agreed upon by Celtic supporters, such as Boyle being one of the better performers in Scotland, outside the two Glasgow clubs in recent years.

However, a budging point for many fans is the possible transfer fee being thrown around that would see the Hoops acquire the winger.

If Boyle was to be brought on board, I am sure the vast majority would likely back Ange’s judgement, given the majority of his transfers so far as manager.

It remains to be seen, though, if there will be more than just speculation to this deal as the transfer window moves forward.


  1. If he is reliable and not constantly unfit like James and Mikey then I would definately have him. He may not have same level of ability but I would rather have a player we can count on before the play two out for eight wingers that we have.


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