FORMER Celtic player and retired footballer Derk Boerrigter has made an honest but astonishing admission about his time at Celtic.

The player who only made 26 appearances for the club over a three year period was constantly injured, looked disinterested when playing and when he left was regarded as a massive waste of money.

Derk has rubbed salt in the wounds by admitting he was happy to steal a wage from the club when he knew he was pretty much finished.

Derk basically admits he couldn’t believe the wages he was offered by Celtic given his past injury problems.

He came to Celtic known as sicknote, so it was no big surprise when 15 minutes into his debut he went down with an injury.

Somebody at the club, whether it be a scout or Neil Lennon himself certainly did not do their homework before they signed him.


  1. Not one of Lennys finest moments but every single manager in recent years going as far back as Ceasar has made duff signings and that includes the current management

  2. Total time waster. Couldn’t hit a barn door with a ball. Aye now he’s touting his story to all and sundry, who’ll pay for it. I like the idea he’s over the hill now and taking nobody for a free ride.


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