FORMER CELTIC Star Darren O’Dea landed a clubbing metaphorical blow to Ibrox big mouth Kyle Lafferty on social media when he came intervened between the Ibrox club’s new 38-YEAR-OLD signing Gareth McCauley and the Glasgow Derby loser.

The two Ibrox teammates spoke about dreams coming true with both playing for a club they’ve idealised since 2012.

However, Darren, who knows Lafferty because the pairs wives are sisters told them both to ‘Bore off’ on Twitter which lead to the Ibrox loser trying to wind him up about actually being a blue nose and off.

“Come on Daz. We all know you’re a secret blue nose.” Lafferty wrote

O’Dea quickly replied: “The only blue I support is Dundee! You and big G pack in all that “dreams come true”…. you both played for your boyhood clubs in the biggest derby in the world. Ipswich and Norwich.”

However, the hilarious comment by O’Dea was landed when Lafferty said he would get the Irishman a ‘famous Gers top’ to wear. To which the defender replied:

“I’ve been trying to buy a jersey but can’t seem to find one in the shops?”

O’Dea picking on the sensitive subject that is the Ibrox kit debacle with their club getting an injunction against them to not sell their kits leaving many of their fans hilariously wearing knockoffs from Turkey.

Maybe Darren will get a shirt one day.


  1. Laughferrty a total clown bitter thick boy that wears boys clothes. Thinks he’s a football player get a grip just a ned end of. At the rite club. Sevco ends fc


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