Former Celtic player, Ramon Vega has spoken out on social media regarding Neil Lennon’s post-match interview, saying that it suggests there is a ‘lost soul in the changing room’

Vega who had a short spell at the club, alongside Lennon as his teammate in the 2000/2001 season hinted towards the fact that something may need to change within the management but is careful in what he says regarding that position.

The majority of fans have started to grow frustrated with the poor start to the season that Celtic have suffered.

We are in November and are eleven points behind top of the league. That simply isn’t good enough for a team that is in one of the biggest seasons in our history, trying to win the 10th title on a row.

Something needs to happen around the club if we want to get back on track and it needs to happen fast as there are no suggestions at this current time that we are heading that way with the form we are in.


  1. I believe Lennon should be,and will be gone by tomorrow.
    It will show staggering incompetence by the board if he isn’t relieved of his duties..or an astonishing lackof self-awareness and/or stubborness by Lennon,if he doesn’t resign.


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