Former Celtic player Kris Commons has revealed the Brendan Rodgers meeting which warned the Celtic players a lot the team getting out before it was announced.

During Rodgers spell, we would regularly be informed of the team by someone who would remain anonymous. It was a source of frustration for the former Celtic manager and history is repeating itself under Neil Lennon.

We don’t entertain leaked team information nowadays and have no desire to equip our rivals with this knowledge on any given game day.

However, there were a few sites who published the weekend’s Celtic team before it was announced. Neil Lennon was rightfully angered and vowed to get to the bottom of it.

Commons talks about Brendan Rodgers gathering the players and letting them know there would be serious consequences for another leak.

“Celtic looked beaten even before they kicked a ball. When it did start, they did things that must have frustrated the life out of Neil Lennon – players just shelling the ball out of play under no pressure.” Commons wrote in his Dailymail column as cited by SunSport.

“A mole in the camp may not have helped Celtic’s chances but it had nothing to do with them losing the match.

“Moles are nothing new. We had a team meeting under Rodgers when he warned us that if they team came out, we’d all have a serious problem.”

We’ll find out on Thursday if the manager has brought down the hammer.


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