Former Celtic academy player Sam Wardrop has handed the clubs, current youngsters, some advice, insisting that going out on loan is a good move for your career.

Wardrop spent several years with the club’s academy, which saw the defender go out on loan to gain experience at Scottish side Dumbarton.

Although it ultimately may not have worked for Wardrop at Celtic, the 24-year old who has gone on to play for the likes of Dundee United and Airdrieonians believes that experiencing men’s football for these youngsters is crucially essential at the beginning of their careers.

“I think if you’re naive, you will find that hard (leaving Celtic), but you have to be aware you’re at one of the biggest clubs in the UK. They do look after you very well, and they do everything for you,” he said, as quoted by the Daily Record.

“Your kit is washed for you, and you have breakfast and lunch sitting ready for you, with the option to take dinner home. You have all their facilities and the gym.

“When I was at Celtic, I experienced what the lower leagues were like by going on loan to Dumbarton. It was a change in dynamics in terms of what you are expected to do.

“You have more responsibility, so that was a great year for me in terms of learning. I do think some boys are naive who drop down from academies into the lower leagues. That’s why they drop all the way down.

“There’s a change in intensity from youth football to senior football as there’s more pressure and money involved.

“If a player leaves an academy at 20 and hasn’t been on loan or played first-team football, they are making a big mistake – they have to.”

Currently, the majority of young players at the club are now thankfully playing regular football in the Lowland League, with Celtic’s B side led by Tommy McIntyre.

However, we have seen some players stuck in limbo, being too old to play for the Colts side. So this sort of advice from Wardrop is perfect for young players.

We have seen over the years that a loan move can be the best thing for a players career, whether that works out at Celtic or gets them a move to another club further down the line.

The story of Same Wardrop himself is a fascinating one, from his time with the club to now, and it is great to see him doing well currently, whilst also looking out for those youngsters at the club who might need some advice.


  1. Same goes for the supporters too, if you are a grandparent to one of the current Colt side players or unders, and related to them. That’s ok. If not, time to give up your season card seat to someone much younger.

    As being a season card holder is a young man’s game as well. Best you get a free streem of most games the Hoops play, and retire gracefully and join/contibute a Celtic forum.

    Your shouting/worrying/celebrating days, are long behind you. That’s reality fuc&ing with you.

    Time to move on and take up Tai-chi.


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