GORDON STRACHAN is the latest Scottish football figure to be interviewed by Simon Ferry on Open Goal Sports and if this clip is anything to go by – we’re in for a great interview when it drops Monday.

The short clip released by Open Goal has Gordon Strachan talking about walking in the door of Celtic Park and trying to deal with the chaos before Celtic’s infamous game against Bratislava.

Celtic lost 5-0 against the Slovakian minnows, but Gordon tried to lend some perspective to the result and what he was up against when he replaced the popular Martin O’Neill.

Between wage demands, players going awol and new players not being up to speed, it seems like it was all just the perfect storm for what would go down in Slovakia.

That night in Europe was humiliating for Celtic as O’Neill’s former European heroes who had made it to Seville were out on their feet and had nothing more to give.