GORDON STRACHAN has weighed into why former Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers left and told Celtic fans there’s no way this was a move that happened overnight.

Strachan won three in a row with Celtic during his time at the club and left after his fourth campaign which was ultimately unsuccessful. The former Celtic and Scotland boss believes Brendan Rodgers chose leagues rather than choose which club he’d rather be it. Strachan confirms the reality of how poor the Scottish League can be and after the monotony of having to send your teams out onto plastic pitches and living in the goldfish bowl of Glasgow can all be reasons for a departure.

One thing Gordon was clear on was he doesn’t believe this was a move that happened quickly. The public narrative out there is that Brendan got the call on Monday night and by Tuesday morning he was heading down to Leicester to talk to the club. This seems farfetched from Strachan who knows the game and he believes there would have been calls made and feelers put out long in advance.

“It is not the fact he has chosen one club over another, it is the fact he chose one league over the other.” told RecordSport.

“The leagues are completely different. Celtic are a bigger club in world football but Leicester are a top club playing in the top league in the world. That is the decision.

“It is not a slight against Celtic, it is reality, which is not really accepted in Scotland. There is a reality that our league is not that great.

“No one should have been surprised how quickly it happens because in football deals are done or things are put into place just in case that moment arrives that it can be done.

“I don’t think whatever happened happened in 12 hours. It happens everywhere in football. I don’t think anyone knocked on Brendan’s door at 10am and by 8pm he thought ‘that would be a good idea’.

“I don’t think Brendan is someone who rushes into any decision quickly or lightly. He is analytical in everything he has done. That’s why he has been so successful.

“So I don’t think this came out of the blue. He has had time to think about this.

“Does he stay and win the treble with Celtic? Does he move to Leicester, and give himself a few months to look at the squad and what needs to be done in the summer?

“It wasn’t an easy one but he has made decisions like that before when he was at Watford when he decided to move on.”


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