ST JOHNSTONE has confirmed that former Celtic players Nadir Ciftci and Efe Ambrose have been released from the club. [St Johnstone’s official website]

It was a disappointing season for the Saints, having to play against Inverness in the play-offs to ensure their survival.

After losing many stars that were pivotal to last season’s cup double, it was always going to be challenging for the Perthshire club.

They recruited players like Ambrose and Ciftci. However, the signings didn’t work out for the team, with the players failing to have the desired impact.

The 33-year-old defender was signed in the summer, it was seen as a good piece of business, but after failing to impact the side, he was sent to Dunfermline on loan. He played twelve times for the then Championship side.

Ciftci arrived at McDaird Park in February, with the club hoping he could score some vital goals to ensure the club’s safety. He played eight times in the Premiership this season, failing to register any goal involvements.


  1. Efe Ambrose is probably the worse footballer i have ever seen playing for Celtic and that is saying something as i have seen some gems in my time from Wayne Biggins to Martin Hayes, Tony Cascerino, Ian Wright, Jerk Boerrigter, Scepovic, Slater and Berkovitch off the top of my head.

    But for having absolutely no idea on the absolute fundamentals of football, the prize goes to Efe Ambrose. He couldn’t defend which if you were whittling it down to the very basics is the easist of al the positions on a football team. If you whack it out over the touchline repeatedly no one is going to call you out. Do that in any of the other position on the field and you’ll get your head chewed off.

    How this man made the grade to become a pro let alone end up at Celtic, the mind just boggles.

  2. And yet he played in a Celtic defence, managed by a former manager who also gets called a dud, that conceded only one goal to Barcelona. The guy has the achievements and record to refute your men minded assessment.

    • I like to call it as i see it fren.

      If we all agreed with each other the world would indeed be in a fucking bad state.

      We all know that Neil Lennon is no judge of a player and it was he who brought Ambrose to Celtic.

      I could list you at least another 20 duds bought by Lennon.

      And then he wondered why he got no money for transfers. When you’re pissing money into the wind repeatedly, there will come a time when the bank card is confiscated.

      We’ll agree to disagree fren.

      As an aside is you friend The Bunnet ok, i haven’t heard him complaining about rebel songs being sung at home and away games in a while.

      Perhaps the jab finally taken him.

      I hear that the Astrazenca ‘Vaccine’ is now responsible for Guillain-Barré syndrome. I believe Morton Weighorst had this ailment. It’s not something anyone should go looking for from what i have read about it.

      Must be a worry. . . …. . . . . .. . for some.


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