Former Celtic winger and assistant manager Alan Thompson has opened up, about his devastation of departing Celtic as well as it having an effect on his relationship with Neil Lennon.

Thompson turned out for the Celts over 200 times and returned for a two year spell as a coach alongside Neil Lennon

Speaking to the BBC Scotland he commented on how hard it was to take when he left the club for a second time as coach.

“Yeah, it wasn’t nice. I wasn’t happy at all with how it happened, whether it be my fault or other people. It was an awful time.

Well, the club will say they made the right decision but might opinion might be different.

Was their a period we didn’t speak (with Neil Lennon). Yes. He’s got his reasons, I’ve got mine but absolutely no problem whatsoever.”

It is clear to see he still has great respect and their is no hard feelings for his former team-mate, admitting what he could achieve this year, could put him up there with the likes of Jock Stein and Martin O’Neill

“To have the influence he’s had as a player and a manager, it’s not surprising, knowing the character that he is.

Who knows what happens next season? If they go and do the 10 (league titles in a row) he’s up there with Jock Stein and Martin O’Neill in my eyes, but that’s another nine or 10 months away.”

There was some speculation both when Lenny returned to the club and before Gavin Strachan was appoint first team coach, that he could have possibly came back to the club in a similar position than before.

Who knows maybe one day we may see a return to the Bhoys for Thompson as it looks as though he still has a good relationship with both Lennon and the club.




  1. Don’t forget that Alan Thompson was always there and first on the spot to protect Neil Francis whenever it was necessary.


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