There are football rivalries and then there is intense deep-seated hatred between two sets of fans that make for an intense atmosphere whenever the two get together.

That’s why if you’re a player or coach who’s ‘bought in’ to one side of the divide it’s almost unfathomable for them to switch allegiance at some point in their career and fight for the other side.

That’s exactly what former Celtic icon Paul Lambert is about to do according to reports.

The former Norwich boss who took the club from the bottom of League One all the way to the Premier League in two seasons is in talks with Norwich’s bitter rivals Ipswich about taking the vacant managerial role.

As a Celtic fan you will scoff at the thought of this being a big deal but as someone who has experienced these derbies and has quite a few friends down that neck of the woods – it’s a really big deal!

The East Anglian rivalry also known as the ‘Old Farm’ is one of the fiercest derbies in England with no love lost between the two sets of supporters.

Paul was held in high regard at Norwich even after his departure and if he was to take the Ipswich job it would evoke a big reaction from the green and yellow army.

Paul has been looking to get back into management since failing to keep Stoke in the Premier League last season.

The former Champions League winner has never really replicated the kind of success he had at Norwich and what a story it would be if he does have similar success with their bitter rivals.



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