Last season, there was much to be said about the backroom staff from sections of the support under the former management of Neil Lennon.

With the appointment of Ange Postecoglou, the former Socceroos boss kept his usual traditions of working with staff from within, with the likes of John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan remaining – whilst Stephen McManus was made a permanent part of the first-team coaching staff.

As things continue to go in the right direction, the claims and shouts from some appear to have disappeared, given the entertaining football we are seeing on display under Ange, his staff and squad of players.

However, former Celtic player Frank McAvennie still looks to have an issue with the names mentioned above.

Speaking to Football Insider, after Ange received his manager of the month reward and pictured with other staff members, McAvennie was insistent that they did not deserve to be a part of that.

“It’s big for Ange. He’s had a good month, and we have gone unbeaten; you can’t ask for more than that.

“Did you see the pictures? He was stood there with the award with his backroom staff.

“I’m not having that. They have done nothing. This is all down to him.

“I have said many times that Ange should have been allowed to bring his own team in when he joined.

“I think they are hindering him, if anything. The club wants to show a united front; I get that.

“But this should be a moment for Ange to cherish; he’s doing so well at the moment.

“It’s his award, no one else’s.”

This feels like a bizarre attack from McAvennie on Ange’s backroom staff, who have ultimately also been part of the journey so far that this squad of players has gone on.

On several occasions, we have heard Ange praise them too. So, if he is happy and all is currently going well, what is the issue?

Surely if you are handing heavy criticism to those involved last season, they deserve the praise along with Ange after the past month of performances?

It is a team effort, not just one man who covers all bases. If there is anything this group of players and management are showing at this moment, is that the togetherness is undoubtedly growing.


  1. The toothed one is a fuckin retard like the rest of the has been ex Celts, they are too thick to work out how they are never asked back and never have anything constructive to say so keep your teeth shut you prick.

  2. Anyone who hasn’t realised that John Kennedy is at Celtic for reasons outwith his coaching ability has not be paying attention.

    The guy is a charlatan who has brought nothing to the party for the past 125 years (it seems like) he’s been at the club.


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