Former Celtic scout Mike Trusson has been talking up Celtic’s two new acquisitions and their potential. The Hoops signed Liam Shaw and Osaze Urhoghide from Wednesday this summer and both are out to impress.

Mike was a European scout for Celtic back in the day but he was also the Sheffield Wednesday manager under Tony Pulis before they were giving their marching orders last season.

Speaking to RecordSport, Mike believes the pair could be top drawer:

“In time, I see Liam as a Premier League player, for sure.

“Both have enormous potential, they’re really good signings.

“It beggars belief that two valuable assets, brought through the Owls academy, were able to move for virtually nothing at the end of their contracts. I can’t believe a club can be run that way.

“Fair play to Celtic and the recruitment department I know well. They identified the pair and did their homework, talking not only to me but Pulis and others. Now it will be interesting to see what the policy is.”

Mike did point out something Celtic fans have known for some time now; the club doesn’t have the proper pathway from the reserves to the first team and anyone who has made it has had to be exceptional from the word go.

There have been many talented young players who have been lost to our system over the years, something Mike highlights:

“Having worked there, the worry I have is that Celtic have signed good young players and there wasn’t a real plan how to progress them.

“If they’re not going to play in the first team then where do they play and gain playing experience? By training with the first team? Not really.

“It may be the manager sees them doing that in three months and, within six, they’re regular in the team.

“But the pressures of playing and managing are huge at Celtic. And what’s really important after last season is getting off to a flyer.

“So it’s going to take a brave manager to put in a lad like Osaze who has played half a dozen Championship games.

“You’re trusting him to learn the game at your expense.

“So it’s unlikely, given the Celtic squad I know, that Osaze or even Liam starts straight away.

“I’d like to see it happen. I worked for Celtic, I’m an admirer and fan and we all like young players coming through.

“But the biggest thing is results. Managers get paid the big money, though, to make these difficult decisions.”

Celtic need to get the mixture of youth and experience right if they’re to bring home the title next season.

Unlike the signing of Joey Dawson, the Sheffield pair have been brought in to be part of the first team squad.

Hopefully, Ange will change the culture at the club which will empower the younger players while keeping the established players on their toes.


  1. He should be introducing a lot more young players now, the so called established players done nothing last season and I personally couldn’t care less if they were all sold.


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