DAVIE PROVAN has proved with his comments today he is stuck in the 80s with regards to his views on the Glasgow Derby.

The former Celtic star cites the battle of Hampden and applauds Dave King’s decision to drop Celtic’s allocation if it leads to an outright ban on away fans.

The Sky commentator believes away fans should have been banned from the Glasgow ground years ago and there is too much trouble for it to work.

Sorry Davie? where have you been?

Most violence, if any, is not in and around the stadium on matchday but in the city itself. The allocation Celtic take to Ibrox and vice versa has been done over the years to creat an atmosphere second to none. An atmosphere so tense and so passionate there are Ibrox legends cueing up to tell you they’re going to miss 8k Celtic fans in the Broomloan Road end this December.

The notion Police Scotland should have banned the fans years ago is so out of touch and laughable you wouldn’t need to guess which broadcaster he has worked with for years now.

Writing for his column in The Sun he wrote.

‘Police Scotland should have banned away fans years ago. Yeah, it would be an advantage for Steven Gerrard’s side to have the whole of Ibrox behind them, but Brendan Rodgers’ boys would have the same edge at Celtic Park in March.

‘By reducing Celtic’s allocation to sell more season tickets, Dave King has done everyone a favour.

‘Already, Celtic have retaliated and if this leads to an all-out ban on away fans for Old Firm games, I’ll drink to that.”

Maybe they should start with banning Davie from sitting in the gantry on Glasgow Derby days. We’re positive that’s the only real time he watches Celtic anyway.




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