FORMER Celtic striker Charlie Nicholas has again used his position in the media to lay the boot into Celtic and Celtic fans as they pick over the bones of their latest Euro campaign.

The Sky Sports pundit took the opportunity to talk down the club once again and went as far as to say Celtic are in jeopardy of losing Brendan Rodgers.

“I’m concerned that Brendan will now start to question just how much further he can take this side.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Rodgers is asking himself just how much progress his side has made, and whether he will receive the financial backing required to take them forward on the big stage.”

Brendan has reiterated again and again that he is at Celtic for the long haul. The Irishman has already signed a number of youth players and is already planning for the next European campaign which will see Celtic play four qualifiers!


  1. typical of you charlie boy , wishfull thinking on your part and many more , brendan rodgers is here for the long haul , but agree he needs the backing of the board to progress and it wont happen overnight. he has started building his future team , and i for one will be sorry when the day comes that he decides to leave celtic , he is a wonderfull manager with such a passion for our great club , and a real gent so kind to all who meet him and time for everyone , his humility is vast so lets look forward to the 10 in a row with our wonderfull brendan at the helm god bless him and all at paradise xxx

  2. Charlie, you say you are concerned, Don’t be, Nobody gives a Daffy Duck what you think, I don’t understand why you seem to be the go to guy on all things Celtic, Stick your opinion where the monkeys stick their nuts!

  3. Champagne Charlie continues to talk through his arse and his mouth at the same time.
    For someone who ran to take the Arsenal Quid he is full of crap. HH


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