Former Celtic captain and youth product Charlie Mulgrew is refusing to accept the league is gone even after the defeat at Ibrox on Saturday.

The ex-Celt thinks the lack of experience could play a part in the second half of the season and he wouldn’t be conceding anything at this point.

Speaking to the huddle podcast the defender said:

“I don’t know. I’m still quite optimistic.

“I know we keep saying it needs to start now, but if Celtic can go on a run and Rangers slip up a few times… none of them have won anything in that team.

“Rangers have not won anything and I don’t know if they will be able to sustain that.

“When you’re getting chased, no matter how many points ahead, if you lose one and they win one you start to double guess yourself a wee bit and the pressure starts mounting.

“Rangers have not really been in front and been chased and haven’t won any trophies.

“It’s going to be hard but Celtic need a long run of games winning and hopefully Rangers slip up a couple of times and we’ll see where Rangers’ bottle is then.”

It’s not really a chase if you’re so far behind, and that’s the big issue, having a major buffer allows Rangers to relax and not panic if a game isn’t going their way.

If Celtic were breathing down their neck, it would be another story, but they’re not.

Unless there’s some serious points lost by Rangers at the same time as Celtic go on a run, it just looks so unlikely. They have yet to lose a game in the league this season after all.

Celtic fly back from Dubai later this week to prepare for Hibernian on Monday. The Hoops had the tie moved from the weekend so they could make the trip to the UAE.


  1. Not according to the amount of local sevco supporters my end of towm. They have squeezed their obese frames back into their orangest tops and some have even got their houses and gardens filled with dads army type flags and paraphernalia. And playing their sea shanties out the window. Sad state of affairs. But give them all respect, they did win back to back Glasgow derbies and because of lockdaaaann; again, they don’t have to sign on.


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