Remember Carlton Cole?

Nah, me neither! You could be forgiven in a couple of years time if you forgot he ever pulled a Celtic jersey on, but it happened.

The player signed for Ronny Deila’s side last November and in hindsight it was a terrible move for both parties.

Carlton moved on with many fringe players in the summer and has now found himself in the USA.

The striker now turns out for ULS side Sacramento Republic, a team based in California who were founded back in 2012. Not a bad gig if you can get it!


Speaking about his brief time at Celtic, he noted a bad injury curtailed any chance he had of being a success north of the border.

“At Celtic in March I got a bad knee injury. I haven’t played a lot from then until now.” said the former Chelsea man.

“Clubs in England wanted me to train with them, before deciding whether to offer me anything.

“But I really wanted to move to the States. It didn’t work out at Celtic but I had a great time there.”

Speaking about his football now, he seems to be enjoying himself and loves the weather.

“After training, it’s lovely to have a dip in the pool. You don’t get that option at home… it’s too cold to go in the River Thames!”

All the best to him but we couldn’t resist reposting our video highlights package of him.

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  1. 13 seconds? You guys are miracle workers!:) Oh, the dangers of signing players who are now, o’er the hill and far away. Yes, we came up trumps with Lubo, are getting some fine performances with Torres, and yea, some fine tunes are had from old violins! But too many Stevei Geriatrics, Coles etc, big risk. Knowing when the desire is still there, plus ability, we don’t need donkeys to ride the derby, just does’t work.

    Give it to merry ol’ Cole, he doesn’t burn his bridges. Wish I could slip over to sevco and run off into sunnier climbs with a cool few grand stuck where thee sun doesn’t. (No, I dunna want to play for the gers, would just love to wack away some of their notes as so many have with little or no return!) Hail!


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