Former Celtic player and Sky Sports co-commentator Davie Provan has told Celtic fans Peter Lawwell is one of the luckiest men on the planet after the way Brendan Rodgers conducting himself last week.

The former player believes Lawwell and the board have got off scot free with their part in the debacle because of the timing of Rodgers departure. Provan thinks Lawwell will think he has won the lottery; £6million compensation along with getting Rodgers off the wage bill and bringing in Lennon for a fraction of the money.

“On top of coining in £6million in compensation, Lawwell gets Rodgers’ salary off the wage bill while getting Neil Lennon in without paying a release fee.” Provan wrote in his column.

“In Lennon, he now has a coach who’s not going to rock the boat. Happy days.

“Make no mistake, Lenny is the perfect choice right now. Nobody is better qualified to unite the club.

“But if he wants the job long-term he’ll have to do as he’s told. He won’t have an ounce of leverage. He added “Put it this way, he’s in no position to demand anything from the next transfer window. Lawwell has taken back the remote control.

Celtic have a big decision to make in the summer and it’s not a foregone conclusion that Lenny will get the job but there will be a certain amount of voices like Provan who will try and put it across like Neil Lennon will be Peter Lawwell’s lapdog – if you know Neil Lennon, that’s not happening.

Celtic have come out of a very shake in the club’s history with two big wins away from home in the capital.


  1. Lawell has been let off the hook by the manner of Rodgers’ exit. His leadership was woeful in not securing McGinn or a right back in the summer. The fans will not let him off the hook if he starts penny pinching again. I think both he and Desmond will understand that.

  2. Your right Davie it’s shocking if a manager was sacked at the same time Brendan left there would be nothing said. I think the fans are going overboard .Good luck Brendan in everything you do ???????

  3. With loan players and players that Lennon will move on then there is a football team on the move Lennon if he keeps or if he wants the job he will get money for his own players,he may have a pot of money worth around £10/20 million or more if you bring in new face to be manager then he would get money there is no difference who becomes the manager when any team moves out 11 players then money will be there for new faces…

  4. DP is absolutely spot on. KT will be sold to the highest bidder this summer and the money will be used to fund the new managers targets. PL is super friendly with David Moyes. Watch this space.

  5. Here we go again. Ex players who feel the club owe them talking complete and utter garbage. Empty vessels springs to mind!

  6. Neil Lennon a Lawwell acolyte??
    Can’t really see that one, you been reading JF or PMB again and actually taking them seriously?


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