Former Celtic player and Dundee Utd manager Jackie McNamara has become increasingly vocal about Celtic since the two teams started their marathon battle. The next of which takes place tonight at Celtic Park.

Jackie and his players already this week have blamed their cup final defeat on Celtic putting pressure on referees, a half hearted penalty appeal and the United boss even commented that Sean Dillon was “unlucky” with his horror challenge on Izzaguire.

Now the former Celt thinks his striker Nadir Cifti was targeted by the Celtic players in the Scottish cup quarter final match at Tannadice.

“They possibly targeted him in that game for special treatment but he has to keep cool. He has to make sure he’s doing it in the right way and putting the ball in the net. That’s his job.”

Would this be the same Nadir Cifti that had a ban overturned as not proven just before that game or would it be the guy who kicked our captain Scott Brown in the head with eventually no punishment ever been given after appeal?

If the Dundee Utd manager wants to talk about targeting then he need not look further than his own players. Paul Paton, Callum Butcher and Sean Dillon who have went out their way in the last two games to stick the boot into a Celtic shirt. This is not me moaning about targeting now, this is a part of the game and we just need to get on with it. So does Jackie!

They want to complain about decisions and being unlucky and the press are happy to champion this train of thought. Conveniently omitting that his player Ryan Connolly took a dive in the quarter final tie to win Dundee Utd their penalty and was converted by a man that should never been on the pitch.

Just as they are moaning about Scott Browns shoulder challenge in the box that the BBC actually magnified to make sure they could show contact, they did not at any point in their highlights show Leigh Griffiths being mowed down in the box when the game was at 0-0 on Sunday. A blatant penalty not given for Celtic, but no one wants to talk about that.


Dundee Utd players haven’t shut up since they lost the cup final. It would be nice if Celtic can go do their talking out on the pitch again.

It’s going to be an interesting night at Celtic Park.