LEIGH GRIFFITHS has scored three goals in Celtic’s last four games and looks to have captured a bit of his old form heading into the next international break.

With a double header coming up for Scotland this month – the striker has been called up for international duty again despite his relationship with Alex Mcleish.

Griffiths was left raging when Stevie Naismith was put in front of him in the pecking order and spoke about it being a ‘kick in the teeth’ back in September.

Since coming out in the press about it, the Scotland manager and EBT extraordinaire, Alex McLeish has tried to contact the striker but Leigh has been having none of it.

Speaking ahead of his squad’s meet up next week, the former Ibrox man conceded he will have to speak with the Celtic striker face to face.

“I haven’t spoke to Leigh since the last game. I tried to call him, but he blanked me. I’ll see him when he comes here.” said McLeish.

Leigh used his Scotland snub to spark his Celtic season – scoring against Rosenborg in Europe and following it up with two more goals since.

During his Rosenborg celebration, the striker proclaimed he was number one.


  1. It wasn’t just that he was dropped by McLeish it was the thankless task of playing him up front against Belgium and subsequent switch to ex Hun Naismith for the game against Albania in a pitiful attempt to unsettle him.

    Well done Griff, if you have McLeish’s EBT ‘paid for’ apartment in the west end, post it online and we’ll send big bad John Hartson round there dressed as Hector at Halloween.

  2. Griffiths is way better than Naismith and he was played in a game that we should win as with the goalkeepers but lets face how long will he McLeish be in that job,when Griffiths is on fire he will get goals and what about the free kicks he is a world class forward and he will prove this the season…

  3. Advice from a distant friend.
    The answer is very simple Leigh. You owe them nothing. You are not appreciated there.

    Do not take anything to do with internationals until the SFA has been detoxified and the set up becomes professional. You know and we all know how corrupt they are. Also, what the hell benefit are you going to get by playing under McLeish. He has nothing to offer you.

    If it was me, I would not entertain them. They will hang you out to dry, as they certainly did against Belgium. Playing for Scotland should be an honour. However it is no longer so under such puerile management and organisation. They have complete disdain for one club in particular, but all others as well, apart from one corrupt club. Lengthen your career and keep your fitness by avoiding them like the plague. Your further progress will be assured and exposure to injuries and abuse will be lessened.


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