Former English Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher has given his view on the potential penalty shout for Dundee United in yesterday’s draw, claiming that Kevin Clancy was consistent in his decision in choosing not to award the spot-kick.

The incident has been a big discussion point in the aftermath of Sunday’s game, with the likes of Dundee United boss Tam Courts insisting he believes his side should have been awarded a penalty.

However, as quoted by the Daily Record speaking on Sky Sports, Gallagher stated the point many Celtic fans have made in defence of the incident. In the lead up there was a foul on central defender Carl Starfelt, which led to the opportunity.

Gallagher said: “The one thing I’d say about this, you ask for consistency, well I think the referee is consistent.

“I think there’s a foul on the Celtic player (Starfelt) just before.

“It’s almost identical to that (Carter-Vickers’ challenge), so he’s allowed both to go with physical contact. He didn’t give either.

“What he’s decided is that both are comings together, and he’s judged both of them to be the same in a couple of seconds.”

The challenge from Cameron Carter-Vickers does look like it could potentially be given as a foul. But Gallagher is spot on in his analysis of the situation, seeing that Starfelt was fouled beforehand.

Yesterday’s result was incredibly frustrating, but thankfully we aren’t looking back at that incident after a loss at home due to a conceded penalty in the first half which would rub salt in the wounds.



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