JOSH WINDASS has given us just a tiny little insight into the mind of an Ibrox player in the heat of battle and it’s overwhelming delusion with a dash of unadulterated and unfounded arrogance.

The former Ibrox man who famously told the media The Rangers didn’t need to beat Celtic in order to win the league is now telling us, if they had beaten Celtic they would have won the league.

Right, you are son!

Speaking about the 3-2 Ibrox game, where Celtic twice came from behind to win the game and scored the winner with TEN men on the field – Windass thought that was the day Celtic were going to crumble.

He also believed the Celtic players weren’t as good as people were making them out to be.

If there is any clear indication they ARE as good as they’re made out to be, you would easily point to this game.

Speaking to Simon Ferry of Open Goal – The former Ibrox man gives you an insight into his warped thinking!

“So I score after two minutes, and I remember the ground was rocking. I thought we’re going to spank them. It’s the only time in a Celtic game I thought we’d beat them.

“In at half-time, we’re saying these guys are not as good as they’re made out to be.

“Into the second half, Simunovic gets sent off and I’m in the game thinking ‘oh my god, we’re going to win the league’.

“We mess up, Edouard bends one in. After that game the whole place changed. Honestly, it was weird. I’ve never seen anything like it.

“If we’d have beat them on that day, yeah we would have won the league.”

It’s also worth noting Celtic would win the league comfortably and get over the finish line by hammering Windass and his team 5-0 at Celtic Park.

Case closed.


  1. Aye these Sevconians talk a great game.Sevco are yet to win Any Silverware,Apart from the Petrofac Cup.And to this day have never Ever won a Premier Title.There founding Father Big Anz Charles Greene wont be amused.HfH


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